Deltoidal Trihexagonal Tree

This type is an adaptation of Branch (ブランチャー) by Inaba Naoki to a Deltoidal Trihexagonal grid.


Draw segments to create a network such that:

  1. Every vertex • and node O is connected.
  2. Vertices must connect to exactly two path segments.  Every branch of the network must form a path from one node to another.
  3. Numbers indicate the sum of the lengths of every branch directly connected to that node, in segments.
  4. The network is acyclic – there are no loops.


Deltoidal Trihexagonal Tree ExampleDeltoidal Trihexagonal Tree Example Solution


All of the puzzles can be found organized in this printable PDF, or in the images below.

PDF Deltoidal Trihexagonal Tree

01. Medium

 Deltoidal Trihexagonal Tree Medium 01

02. Hard

Deltoidal Trihexagonal Tree Hard 02

03. Expert

Deltoidal Trihexagonal Tree Expert 03


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