Rhombitrihexagonal Yagit

Yagit (ヤギとオオカミ) is a puzzle type originally found in Puzzle Communication Nikoli volume 124 (September 2008).  I have adapted this puzzle to play on a Rhombitrihexagonal grid.


  1. Here is a field of sheep and wolves, represented by circles and triangles.  Draw some fences to divide the field into regions that each contain at least one sheep or one wolf, but not both.  No region can be empty.
  2. The fence must follow the path of a dodecagon, not turning more than 30 degrees at any vertex, unless it has a black dot.  Black dots indicate vertices where the fence may turn in any direction.  It is not necessary that a fence cross every black dot.
  3. Fences may not branch, but may intersect at any vertex that does not have a black dot.  Black dots can be part of at most a single fence.
  4. Fences must start and stop at the edge of the field.


Rhombitrihexagonal Yagit ExampleRhombitrihexagonal Yagit Example Solution


All of the puzzles can be found organized in this printable PDF, or in the images below.

PDF Rhombitrihexagonal Yagit Batch 1

01. Easy

Rhombitrihexagonal Yagit Easy 01.png

02. Medium

Rhombitrihexagonal Yagit Medium 02

03. Medium

Rhombitrihexagonal Yagit Medium 03

04. Hard

Rhombitrihexagonal Yagit Hard 04

05. Hard

Rhombitrihexagonal Yagit Hard 05

06. Expert

Rhombitrihexagonal Yagit Expert 06