Rhombile Transparent Tapa Loop

Here is a transparent variation of Tapa-Loop by Serkan Yürekli adapted to a Rhombile grid.  Some puzzles of this type crafted by Serkan and Fatih Kamer Anda will be featured on the upcoming Tapa Variations Contest hosted by Logic Masters India.


Shade some cells such that:

  1. For any cell with one or more numerical clues, shaded cells form connected groups of the indicated size within the group of cells sharing a vertex with the clued cell.  Cells with clues can be shaded.
  2. For every vertex touching exactly 3 cells, at least one cell must be unshaded.
  3. One must be able to draw a single loop through all shaded cells.




All of the puzzles can be found organized in this printable PDF, or in the images below.

PDF Rhombile Transparent Tapa Loop

01. Medium


02. Hard


03. Easy