Hexagonal Kurokuron

Kurokuron (クロクロ一ン: “black clone”), is a shading puzzle that first appeared in Puzzle Communication Nikoli issues 153-155. Identical rules apply to a hexagonal grid.


Shade some cells such that:

  1. Bold-outlined regions contain exactly two shapes, made up of contiguous groups of 1 or more shaded cells. Within a region, the two shapes must be congruent, allowing reflection and rotation.
  2. A shape cannot share an edge with another shape.
  3. Cells with arrows, which cannot be shaded, point to a neighboring cell, which must be shaded and part of a shape consisting of the given number of cells.


Hexagonal Kurokuron ExampleHexagonal Kurokuron Example Solution


All of the puzzles can be found organized in this printable PDF, or in the images below.

PDF Hexagonal Kurokuron

01. Easy

 Hexagonal Kurokuron 01 Easy

02. Medium

Hexagonal Kurokuron 02 Medium

03. Medium

Hexagonal Kurokuron 03 Medium