Variant of Cave:

  1. Draw a single loop along the dashed lines that encloses some cells.  Edges of this loop may not cross or share a vertex.
  2. Numbers indicate the number of connected cells from all lines of sight radiating from that cell, including the cell itself.  Numbers can be inside or outside of the loop.  Lines of sight end on either the edge of the grid, the center of a triangular cell, or the edge of the loop.


Karst ExampleKarst Example Solution


All of the puzzles can be found organized in this printable PDF, or in the images below.

PDF Karst

01. Medium

 Karst 01 Medium

02. Hard

Karst 02 Hard

03. Hard

Karst 03 Hard-05

6 thoughts on “Karst”

    1. Even with 3 test solves, mistakes can still get through. It looks like I miscounted one of the sums. In my solution the upper left 4 in the 444 should have actually been a 6, but I like this result and solve path better. I changed the 10 to 11.


  1. Thanks, really enjoyed this variant and these puzzles. I kept making mistakes seeing/counting the triangles around numbered hexagons..


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