Here is a new type loosely inspired by Inaba Naoki’s Cell-Land.


Shade some cells such that:

  1. Numbers indicate exactly how many surrounding cells are filled.
  2. Filled cells must be in clusters of 3, forming trapezoids.  A trapezoid may not share an edge with another trapezoid.
  3. All unfilled cells are connected edge-to-edge.


Hidden Trapezoids ExampleHidden Trapezoids Example Solution


All of the puzzles can be found organized in this printable PDF, or in the images below.

PDF Trapezoids

01. Easy

Hidden Trapezoids Easy 01.png

02. Medium

Hidden Trapezoids Medium 02

03. Medium

Hidden Trapezoids Medium 03

04. Hard

Hidden Trapezoids Hard 04

05. Hard

Hidden Trapezoids Hard 05

06. Hard

Hidden Trapezoids Hard 06

07. Expert

Hidden Trapezoids Expert 07

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